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We are pleased to confirm that we can now accept payments on-line for:-

 1.    Our costs.

 2.    Disbursements provided they do not exceed £500.

Please note that we CANNOT accept payments on-line for any other reason or purpose and in particular we are not able to accept payments for:-

 a)    More than £500 for disbursements unless it has been previously agreed by us with you.

 b)    Under any circumstances for a purchase deposit or purchase completion monies.


Please follow the procedures set out below to make your payment.

We do not apply charges to debit or credit card payments made in accordance with the above.

If however payment is made other than in accordance with the above the payment will have to be returned to you and in those circumstances we will deduct from the return payment all costs and charges and expenses incurred by us with our bank, online card service provider and on-line payment provider as a result of the incorrect on-line payment.


Security and confidence

The security of our on-line payment system and your confidence in our services is important to us.  A number of security mechanisms have been implemented to protect you and your data whilst using this facility.  Click here for further details (


To make a payment

To pay an invoice in full you will need:

  • your invoice number;
  • our reference number (the code in the format AB0001/0001); and
  • the invoice amount

To make any other type of payment you will need to provide:

  • our reference number;
  • a short description explaining the payment; and
  • the amount you wish to pay.

The invoice number can be found in the top right-hand corner of your invoice, and the reference number will be at the top left hand side of any letter.


Assistance with on-line payments

If you have any difficulties using our on-line payment facility please contact our Accounts team on 01271 341024 or e-mail  Our office hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 – 17.00.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and wish to discuss payment of your invoice, please contact our credit controller, Mandie Dockery on 01271 341005.


On-line payment

Before making an on-line payment you must read and accept our on-line payment terms and conditions, which are on the next screen.  To continue, press the “Click here to start” button below.


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