"Mundane" Stadium Designated as Conservation Area

A former greyhound stadium has been designated as a conservation area, effectively limiting the site's redevelopment potential.

The stadium, described by the judge as "..not a visually attractive site on any view.." had no buildings of suitable quality to be listed and were "..of a mundane quality at best." Some of the buildings were relatively new or had been extensively altered, removing the building's original features.

The judge, however, was not prepared to overturn the decision to list the site as a conservation which the Council had specifically designated because of it's "ephemeral" quality. He also rejected the argument that the site, largely consisting of a former greyhound track with a few other buildings was not an "area" for the purposes of designation. According to the judge "The fact that the proposed area is enclosed as a single entity, albeit now in disparate uses or abandoned, does not prevent in law the enclosure, and the land and buildings within being an "area"..".

"This case shows how difficult it can be for developers to challenge decisions of a planning authority to designate a conservation area" says partner and head of the commercial department, Gillian Jones. "Developers will have to try and 'second guess' planning authorities' desire to designate areas for conservation, even when they have little architectural or historic interest or importance."

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