Expert advice on break clauses and leases from solicitors in Barnstaple

Generally business tenants are locked into their lease for however long they agreed the term would be at the outset, and that’s fine if the premises are right for the business and affordable. If things are not working out then the lease may contain a break clause, and exercising the break (or perhaps even threatening to do so) may be the solution .

If you have got a break clause and are thinking of exercising it then be sure to get legal advice first.

We can talk through your options and check that exercising the break is the best thing for you before you commit .

We can make sure that the break notice is served on the right person in the right way and at the right time, as well as warning you about any conditions that you have to comply with as part of the arrangment .

If you don’t serve a break notice properly, or miss out on any condition, then your landlord doesn’t have to tell you, and by the time you discover something is wrong , it may be too late to correct.

That’s fine for tenants, but we help landlords too.

If your tenant has given you a break notice then we can quickly check it against the lease and make sure you know if the tenant has made the sort of mistake that could nullify the break clause, which might be important when tenants are hard to find.

If you want some advice then contact Gillian Jones below  and if you can scan in a copy of your lease (if we don’t already have a copy) we can help you even more quickly.


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