Agricultural Red Tape To Be Culled

DEFRA has confirmed that it will abolish swathes of legislation in a bid to help farmers and their advisors. The aim is to remove or modify 56% of 516 regulations relating to agriculture, plant and animal health and welfare and forestry.

Some of the key proposals include:-

  • Better targeting of farm inspections to reduce the burden on farmers with a good track record of compliance;
  • Removal of obsolete legislation in relation to such diverse matters as energy crops, wool, eggs, organic farming, agricultural land 'set-aside' and rural development;
  • Simplification of 22 pieces of forestry legislation;
  • Review and simplification of agricultural tenancies;
  • Introduction of a single piece of legislation to deal with protected species of fauna and flora; and
  • Review and simplification of animal health and welfare legislation;

The bad news for farmers is that any change to primary legislation is unlikely to be completed before Spring next year and of course, the devil will be in the detail.

For more information on the reforms and for information on agricultural law generally please contact partner and head of our commercial department, Gillian Jones.



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