Effective debt recovery

Collect the money you are entitled to.

Expert assistance can go a long way in the recovery process, and it is important to have an effective credit control process.

Collecting debts can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We can manage the process from start to finish. We are usually also able to offer this service on a fixed fee basis so you know what you are paying upfront.

Three steps to recovering your debt.

Our service can be broken down into three steps. Here’s how it works:-

  • Letter before action. We will send a letter to your debtor informing them that legal action will begin if the debt is not settled by a specified date.
  • Issuing proceedings and obtaining a County Court Judgment.
  • Enforcement of Judgment.

We can claim interest and costs from your debtor too.

We will also claim back interest on your outstanding debt at your contractual rate, or if you don’t have one at the statutory interest rate of 8% per annum. Court fees and fixed costs will also be claimed back from the debtor. It needn't be complicated, and we're here to help you all the way.


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